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Worship with Us

Emmanuel Episcopal Church offers a variety of  worship styles and services.

As an Episcopal Church,  the Book of Common Prayer is the foundation of the liturgies used.  This means that Morning Prayer services and Communion/Eucharist services are held on the various Sunday mornings.  Special services for Lent, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas are, also, shared.

Emmanuel is a Total Ministry Congregation.  They are part of the Rooted in the Spirit Total Ministry Team, which is a shared ministry team with St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church that is located in Chatfield, Minnesota.  This ministry team is made up of both lay and ordained team members.  Together this team works with both churches’ vestries to provide leadership and pastoral care for their congregations.

If you are needing someone to do a pastoral visit to the local nursing home or a home pastoral visit, please contact the church office.

Throughout the year, special services for healing, baptisms and weddings will be scheduled as needed.  When you are in need of making funeral arrangements, please, contact the church office and one of the team members will get back to you.