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Outreach/Mission Work

Many have come to Emmanuel from other denominations, choosing this parish for its warm Christian community. We accept others for who they are and welcome anyone, regardless of their social, political, and theological views.

We have potlucks, we hug each other, and we laugh a lot. Most of us have horses, dogs, and/or cats (or combinations thereof), and don’t mind telling you all about them or hearing about your. We wear jeans, T-shirts, and sneakers, as well as, dress shirts, suits, skirts, dresses and dress shoes to our worship service. We wear what is comfortable for us.  We ask that you  wear what feels comfortable to you.  We share these statements for it helps to explain our role not only within the walls of our building but, also, beyond our walls.  We believe that it is not our clothing that is important but what is in our hearts.

Therefore, we believe that we are called to go out into the world and to be there for one another. So, we share in ecumenical services, we participate in the local Red Cross Blood drives, we take our turn at doing services at the local nursing home, we participate in the local food drives,  we participated in Nets for Life,and we offer our talents and labors to the community and beyond in whatever ways we can.  If you have suggestions of things that we could participate in, please let us know.

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